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We get it - not knowing what’s going on inside your body can be frustrating. Your cycle and your fertility are part of what makes you a woman, and we think every woman should have the possibility to understand her biology, herself and the magic that comes along with it.

This is where Pearl comes in, eliminating confusion about your fertility and helping you to accurately track your most fertile days- easy and on your phone. Using technology to understand your biology:

Pearl's precise hormone monitoring system means your fertility tracking can be efficient AND accurate: It analyzes your hormonal test strips for you- digitally and safe. This means less stress and no more wondering whether the line is dark enough or not.

We don’t want you to feel left alone with your questions: should you not find the answer you are looking for below please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you!

Pearl and your cycle

Does Pearl help me if I’m trying to conceive?

Yes! Hormones are the triggers of ovulation. Knowing how your hormones change helps you know when it is the best time to conceive. Pearl works by measuring 2-3 hormones with test strips and the Pearl App. The app tracks how your hormones go up and down by looking at the changes in the hormonal strips. Pearl then stores the these results overtime to build a personalized hormonal profile. Pearl’s intelligent algorithms interpret your hormonal information and show you key days with your highest chance to get pregnant; a.k.a the fertile window. Pearl gives you a prediction well in advance so you have time to plan.

How does Pearl inform me about my hormonal levels? How does Pearl give me feedback?

Pearl interprets hormonal levels from the test strips and displays directly your probability of conception, also known as the Fertile Window. This Fertile Window is represented in the form of a flower that opens and closes according to the chance to conceive each day. Below the flower, you can also read whether you are fertile, highly fertile, or should keep on testing. Please read the instructions for use carefully before start using Pearl.

Why does Pearl tell me I am ovulating when I am not?

The menstrual cycle is different for every woman. Normal menstrual flow might occur every 21 to 35 days and last two to seven days (source: The National Women's Health Information Center). Pearl’s algorithm uses a regular cycle based on your age as a basis, then adapts according to the individual cycle duration as you input your cycle information. Once hormonal information is received, ovulation and the fertile window will update in real time for your current cycle.

How do I tell Pearl when my period is over?

When your period starts, input your flow (heavy, medium, light). When your period is over, simply stop entering flow information, and the app assumes your period is over. You can continue regular hormonal testing at that time.

What is Pearl?

Pearl is a smart hormone-tracking system that allows you to track two key fertility hormones digitally. It consists of an app and a kit, which includes hormonal test strips. With them you can measure your hormones and by taking a photo of the designated test strip with the app, you have access to your measurement results and graphs right away and can follow along your hormone patterns throughout your cycle. This gives you accurate information about your fertile days, your ovulation and your menstruation.

Is Pearl right for me?

Pearl is right for you, no matter if you simply want to have an accurate and safe cycle tracking method, or if you want to increase your chances to conceive. Pearl lets you know when your most fertile days are and can predict your ovulation up to 6 days in advance, based on your individual hormone values.

How is Pearl different from other ovulation tracking apps?

Unlike other period or ovulation tracking apps, Pearl's cycle analysis is based on actual levels of two key fertility hormones. Through Pearls smart technology, you can easily digitize your measurements and even follow along your hormonal changes throughout the cycle. Pearl's cycle analysis isn't based solely on statistics like other apps and takes into account, that each cycle is different rather than making assumptions based on data from your last cycle. This gives you insight into whats actually happening inside your body in real time.

Can Pearl measure Progesterone (PdG)?

The Pearl App is compatible with Proov Progesterone Strips and can read, analyze and digitize them for you which allows you to confirm ovulation and to be sure about your Progesterone levels. Please note that the Pearl Kit does not include Progesterone strips, you have to purchase them separately.

Can Pearl track my menstrual cycle, even if I had a miscarriage?

Pearl can help you track your cycle, regardless of if you’ve had a miscarriage. To ensure your cycle is functioning optimally post- miscarriage, we recommend consulting your doctor/OBGYN.

Can Pearl tell me if I have a regular menstrual cycle?

Regularity isn’t finite, as cycles vary in length from person to person and from cycle to cycle. Pearl can give you an estimate of the length of your menstrual cycle by looking at your previous cycles. Download the Pearl App and input as many past cycles as possible in the calendar for a better estimation.

Can I calculate my fertility window myself?

By knowing the date of your previous ovulation, you could estimate your next fertile window. However, it is important to know that ovulation doesn’t always necessarily happen on the exact same date every month. By tracking your hormones however, Pearl can calculate and predict your fertile window based on real time hormonal data up to six days in advance. Pearl also learns from your previous cycles to tell you when your highly fertile days are, up to 6 days in advance. To find more about the “fertile window”, check out The Science Behind Pearl.

Why is it important to know my most fertile days?

An egg is viable for only 24 hours, but sperm are able to survive and even fertilize it for up to 2 - 6 days after intercourse. As a result, intercourse within 6 days of ovulation could result in conception. Pearl measures your hormonal levels and tells you in advance when ovulation will take place.

Will Pearl inform me about my fertility status?

Yes. Once a hormonal pattern is detected, the app will update, and Pearl will notify you of your fertile window and your chances of getting pregnant.

Can Pearl confirm ovulation?

Yes. The Pearl Kit is compatible with PdG tests that measure progesterone. A Pearl PdG Add-on kit includes the PdG activation code for the Pearl app. These tests inform Pearl whether ovulation has taken place. This information is important because the ovulation phase is the only time during a menstrual cycle when a woman can get pregnant.

Can menstruation confirm ovulation?

No. Menstruation is possible without ovulation; this condition is called anovulation. You can learn more here (link).

What hormones does Pearl measure?

At first, Pearl measures your LH (pink strip) and FSH (blue strip) hormonal values. These values inform Pearl when your body will be producing eggs and when ovulation is about to happen. After that, if you purchased the PdG Add-on strips, Pearl may ask you to do a PdG (purple strip) test to confirm whether ovulation took place or not. These individual hormonal measurements allow Pearl’s intelligent algorithm to learn from your individual cycle and create a personalized fertile window.

What exactly is Pearl- an app or an hormonal strip test?

Pearl is both an ovulation-prediction app and a hormonal testing kit. The Pearl app collects hormonal information to build a personalized profile and a Fertile Window. The Pearl Kit comes with all you need in your journey to conceive: hormonal strips, a urine catcher, free pregnancy tests, and key information about Pearl. The Pearl app can be downloaded for free from the App Store (here). The Pearl Kit can be purchased directly either in the app, on our website, or at Amazon (here).

The Pearl App

Is Pearl listed by the FDA?

Yes! The Pearl App is listed as a “low risk IVD device for proception” and Pearl Test strips are listed as: “low risk IVD devices for ovulation prediction.”

Where can I find the Pearl App?

Pearl is available in App- and GooglePlay stores throughout the US, Canada, Australia, Europe and South Africa.

Can I use Pearl on my tablet or iPad?

No, sorry.. Pearl and your phone have a good thing going, and we can’t bring ourselves to break it up.

Is there a way to see an overview of my cycle information?

Yes. To see an overview with data on your cycle start, your intercourse dates, your fertile window and the strips you used for measuring simply click in the information icon in the upper right corner of the apps measurement screen.

Is Pearl CE certified?

Yes! Pearl is one of the few cycle tracking apps that are CE certified as well as FDA listed. With this achievement the Pearl App is one of the first mobile apps to obtain the status of Medical Device, and to be certified as an In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device.

You can find out more on our CE certificate and what it means here.

How do I activate my PdG strips to use in the Pearl App?

Please contact us via the chat icon or email us at contact@pearl-fertility.com

Does the app inform me when I am pregnant?

No, the Pearl app doesn’t inform you when you are pregnant; but the Pearl Kit includes 2 pregnancy tests. You can take this when you experience early signs and symptoms, like a missed period, nausea, and increased urination. You can inform Pearl if pregnancy has occurred, and the App will stop asking you to test, and accompany you in your new journey.

Why can I not see the pictures of the strips I have tested?

We don’t yet have that feature, but you can look up your fertility status in the app or use the log sheet that comes with our kit.

Has the Pearl App been studied for effectiveness in a clinical setting?

Yes, Pearl has been tested in US and was approved by an independent review board (IRB). The results are due to be published.

How does Pearl protect the privacy of users?

Pearl does not collect any personally identifiable information. The app sends anonymized data to our cloud in order for us learn and to improve our algorithms. The data is aggregated in a database with encryption technology that makes it impossible to trace back to a user. We encourage users to keep their phones locked and password protected, if someones gets hold of their phone or their data may be exposed.

Can one be advised of LH/FSH values directly?

Pearl measures LH and FSH (relative) values, but it does not display them – instead it interprets the values and shows the chance of conception via the user interface (the flower). Advising users of hormone levels directly is under development.

Can the Pearl App email physicians?

No, in order to protect privacy, Pearl will not communicate to private individuals, it will be up to the user if she wants to share her private information or not.

Why is my app not showing a token?

A token is assigned once some data is submitted. Usually this happens after the first measurement or after inputting the latest period start date.

Does the app recommend best days to conceive a boy vs girl?

Pearl does not recommend days for a boy or girl. In fact, even though scientists have tried to find a link between the sex of the baby and the days of intercourse, the results yielded no significant correlations.

The Pearl Kit

What if I don't see a control line on my test strip?

If no control line appears, it's likely you didn't expose the test strip to enough urine. If you don't see the line appear after waiting the 15 minutes, please test again to make sure you don't miss a measurement.

How long should I expose my test strips?

When you are using the holder to expose test strips directly to the urine stream, they should be exposed for 3 seconds each. It is best to expose one strip at a time so that each get the 3 seconds and are not over or under exposed. If dipping the tests strip in a cup of urine, expose each for 5 seconds.

Can I purchase test strips without buying a new kit?

No, Pearl test strips are only sold in kits and cannot be purchased separately.

Is it necessary to use first morning urine?

Yes! Hormone release is regulated by your body’s circadian cycles, so sleep is an important part of this. Hormone release during the day is different, and this would create inconsistencies with your measurements.

Where can I buy the Pearl kits?

You can buy Pearl online, either through our website or on Amazon. Pearl is not yet available at retail stores or pharmacies.

How do I use the pregnancy test strips?

Your Pearl App will indicate when it is time to take your pregnancy test, generally 4-5 days after a missed period. The pregnancy test strips included with Pearl are used similarly to the other testing strips. Expose the white end of the test strip to urine for 5 seconds, then wait 5-10 minutes prior to reading the results. One line indicates not pregnant, two lines indicate pregnancy. You can manually enter a yes or no result, but Pearl does not upload these results to your graph.

I missed my morning testing. Can I also test the hormonal strips in the evening?

No; hormonal test strips are used with first morning urine because hormones are cyclical and accumulate overnight, making them highly accurate first thing in the morning. So, it’s important not to miss doing the test first thing in the morning. If you miss taking the picture, however, you can easily add it to the app later in the day.

Which pregnancy tests does Pearl include and how accurate are they?

Pearl includes two standard pregnancy tests with sensitivity of 25mIU/mL. These tests can tell if you are pregnant with 99.9% accuracy about 5 days from a missed period. We recommend to do the second test two days after the first.

What does the Pearl Kit include?

The Pearl Kit includes 15 FSH hormonal strips, 15 LH hormonal strips, a urine catcher, and 2 pregnancy tests. You can additionally buy Proov Progesterone strips directly from Proov, and track your progesterone levels, as they are compatible with our app.

Do I need to buy more than one Pearl Kit?

The Pearl Kit comes with all the hormonal strips you need for the Pearl app to detect your hormonal profile and build your personalised fertile window. However, if the hormonal measurements are interrupted (not done when prompted), Pearl might need more hormonal input to build your fertile window. Also, if your period is longer than 35 days, we recommend to have at least two Pearl Kits at hand. Please keep in mind that you should only use Pearl if you do not have any medical conditions affecting your fertility. Such conditions can only be diagnosed by a medical professional.

How long should I use Pearl before I see any results?

On average, our customers use the Pearl Kit for about 3 months before seeing results. During this time, continuous hormonal measurements allow Pearl to detect a hormonal pattern. Insufficient measurements can unfortunately hinder Pearl from detecting any pattern. If pregnancy has not occured after 6 months, we recommend consulting a medical professional.

How often do I have to do Pearl’s hormonal tests?

Pearl works with daily measurements over time. The app will ask you to do 15 LH tests (pink strip) and 15 FSH tests (blue strip). For Pearl Kits powered by Proov, PdG tests are typically done at the beginning of the cycle and after the expected ovulation date. When Pearl detects a hormonal pattern, the app notifies you and the Fertility Window prediction gets updated.

Where can I purchase more test strips?

Pearl strips that work in combination with the Pearl App are available via the shop in our app and our website (here). They are also available via Amazon. Only the Pearl Kit hormonal test strips work in combination with the Pearl App.

Do I have to buy the Pearl Kit to be able to use the Pearl app?

To get the most of the Pearl system and build your personal hormonal profile, it is necessary to purchase a Pearl Kit. The Pearl app can be installed free of charge from the App Store and can help you track your cycle and intercourse. However, an activation code is necessary to use the app. This code only comes within the Pearl Kit.

Are pregnancy tests included?

Yes, each Pearl kit includes two tests.

Where can I get a Pearl Kit?

Pearl kits can be purchased throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, South Africa and Europe. Free testing in our clinical studies is available in Germany and soon in Canada, contact us for more information.

Medical conditions & Pearl

Can I use Pearl if my period is irregular?

Yes! We designed Pearl’s algorithm to work for all women, because every woman’s cycle is unique. Pearl can calculate a Fertile Window for regular and irregular cycles. That said, cycles longer than 35 days may require more testing, so we recommend having at least 2 Pearl Kits at hand to have enough measurements to detect a hormonal pattern.

Can I use Pearl simply for cycle tracking purposes and without the intention of getting pregnant?

Yes. You can use Pearl as an accurate way to track your cycle and fertile days. However, Pearl cannot control your hormones, it just helps you to monitor your levels and with finding the most fertile days during your cycle. If you are trying to get pregnant, this knowledge is essential in order to conceive.

Can I use Pearl when I'm sick?

Yes, you can. As Pearl measures hormones, its measuring results can not be altered by sickness like for example basal body temperature or cervical mucus can.

Can I use Pearl if I have PCOS?

Yes! As Pearl measures hormones, it doesn't matter if your cycle is irregular (as it is often the case if you have PCOS.) Pearl informs you about your hormonal levels in real time and can detect hormonal peaks at any point in your cycle. Pearl also takes into account that every cycle is different. If your cycles tend to be longer than 35 days, we recommend purchasing two kits.

Can I use Pearl if I take fertility medication?

It depends on what type of medication. Pearl reflects and measures your hormonal fluctuations throughout your cycle and bases its cycle analysis on it. If you take medication that alters your natural hormonal profile (e.g. Clomid) Pearl will reflect how this medication affects your hormones. Its prediction and analysis could be affected as well if your hormonal profile deviates far from a normal cycle.

Does a missed period mean I am pregnant?

A missed period may be caused by pregnancy! As your period could also be delayed or missed for another reason, we recommend you take a pregnancy test a few days after a missed period, and another one two days later to confirm. In any case, check in with your doctor/ OBGYN.

Can Pearl track my menstrual cycle after surgery?

It depends on the type of surgery. If your ovulatory cycle was compromised in surgery, or you have been medically diagnosed with fertility problems, Pearl might not be the best option for you. Pearl can, however, help you to track your hormonal levels and calculate a personalized fertility window.

Can I use Pearl if I am over 45 years old?

Tracking your hormones is interesting at any age. However, if you are trying to conceive, you need to note that conception is more difficult at later ages. Pearl can still help you get pregnant as long as hormonal patterns are still happening. When no more eggs are being produced, it is impossible for a woman to conceive naturally. If your profile is still normal, kits with PdG tests (purple strips) can help you know if ovulation has occurred. We recommend to seek advice from a medical professional to determine whether or not your hormonal patterns are still ok, and if you are still producing eggs.

I have been trying to conceive for more than 1 year. Is Pearl for me?

Pearl is for everyone who is trying to conceive. As long as you have not been diagnosed with any medical conditions affecting your fertility, Pearl can definitely help you. Pearl’s intelligent algorithm builds personalized hormonal profiles by tracking the 3 most important hormones involved in ovulation to maximize your chances to get pregnant.

I have been trying to conceive for less than 6 months. Is Pearl for me?

Yes, Pearl is for everyone who is trying to conceive. Based on your personalized hormonal profile Pearl’s intelligent algorithm can calculate your Fertile Window (the six-day period in which you are is most likely to get pregnant). Pearl helps you track 3 hormones individually to let you know when the best day to conceive is. We always recommend to visit a medical professional first to discard any conditions that may affect your fertility.

Does the Pearl App diagnose infertility?

No. Pearl finds the days with the highest chance of conception during each cycle. For medical advise consult a doctor.

Payment, Billing & Shipping

What is Pearl's return policy?

If you have purchased your Pearl kit through Amazon, Walmart or another third party vendor, please follow their return policy.

If you purchased the kit through the Pearl website, you can return unopened product within 14 days of purchase. Please mark your package for return and send back to the senders address noted on the original package. We ask that you send an email to pearlfertility.app@colorimetrix.com with your order confirmation as well as proof of return. Once the product has been received & verified as undamaged and unopened, we will issue a return.

If your product has already been opened, we are unable to accept a return. However, a refund can be initiated for defective product or technical difficulties with the app that cause product to be unusable. If you are requesting a refund, please send an email to pearlfertility.app@colorimetrix.com. Include your order confirmation email as well as any evidence or description of why the product is defective and refunds will be issued on a case by case basis.

Are there promo or discount codes I can use?

We often have special discounts for our newsletter subscribers or our followers on Social Media. Be sure not to miss any by subscribing to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

How can I pay for my Pearl kit?

Pearl can be paid for by credit card or PayPal

How long does shipping take?

If you buy the Pearl Kit on Amazon, they will inform you when the Kit is expected to arrive depending on your type of account (e.g. Prime, etc.). If you purchase the Pearl Kit using the Pearl App or through our website, delivery is estimated in 2 weeks.

If I ship the Pearl Kit through the U.S. to my country, will I be able to use the Pearl app?

Although the Pearl App may be available for download in other countries than U.S., it is against our terms and conditions to use the Pearl Kit outside the countries where Pearl is sold. Every purchased kit comes with an activation code to use the app's measurement capabilities.

Where does Pearl ship to?

The Pearl Kit is available for shipping in North America: Canada, US.

Europe: EEC , Nordics, UK, Switzerland, Turkey

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand


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