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Pregnancy Hope: 3 Top Strategies to Use this Pandemic to Your Advantage

Has the Pandemic caused you stress and anxiety? Are you wondering if you will ever be able to get pregnant and become a mom because of what is happening in the world right now? Instead of causing you more anxiety today, I want to give you help and hope to uplift your mind.

I want to address the importance of a positive mindset and the impact on your body if you stay in fear. Did you know? Doctors are already predicting a BABY BOOM in 9-12 months!


I believe it's true. The “Coronials” are coming. There is hope in this challenging time. And yes, I totally get it. We all have had our fair share of challenges. You may still be forced to work from home. You may (still) not be able to hug and touch your family and friends. Your IVF or IUI may be postponed. You can’t see your doctor yet. Maybe you feel a lot of fear about the future. Even though these conditions are not your choice I want to empower you to see the silver lining in all of this. We are getting through this! You cannot give up on your baby dream... Your baby wants a mother who is strong, your baby wants a mother’s who moves through this. This too shall pass.

What if this is the time you have been waiting for? What if this is the time your baby has been waiting for?

(I know how odd these sounds but hear me out). You may wonder: is it the divine timing NOW?

Yes, it is. Never has there been more time given to you to prepare your body and mind to get pregnant. The Universe has given you more time to prepare your body and mind. You don’t have to rush anymore because the world has not opened up yet. But your inner world can get more attention.

Scientific research shows that when a woman does a Body & Mind program she more than doubles her chances to get pregnant as well with natural conception as well with IVF. The success rate with IVF goes up from 10-20% to 42-52%. Isn’t this uplifting?

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3 Top Strategies to Use this Pandemic to Your Advantage

**1.**Time to Reflect and Reset Your thoughts.

You have 60,000 thoughts a day, 80% of which are negative. Your mind is not your best cheerleader. My client Sandra, 44, had tried IVF, IUI, and she had miscarried 3 times. Nothing had worked so far. Sandra thought, “What if my eggs are too old?” and “What if my baby is unhealthy?” Sandra entered the ( Body & Mind ) Get Pregnant Now Program and released her deepest fears, reframed her thinking, and reset her body into fertility mode. She gave birth to her healthy baby girl naturally.


**2.**Time to Tune Into Your Womb.

Make sure your womb is a happy, safe place. When my client Wendy first pictured her womb, it was dark and closed. She had been trying to get pregnant for 9 years. She had had an abortion at 18, and there was still a lot of sad energy in her womb. Wendy was very surprised when I first guided her to her womb. We redesigned her womb into a beautiful, safe space. Wendy got pregnant within two months.
How does your womb feel? Is it a safe place? If you are a baby, would you want to nestle there? How can you make your womb a cozy place? Img

**3.**Radical Self-Care Tips for You, Your Partner and Your Baby Soul.

Name 3 things you can do for yourself to take extra good self-care and to connect with your body.

For example:

  1. Play in the bathtub at 11:00 am, you don’t have to rush to work.
  2. Create your own fertility lotion and massage it all over your belly.
  3. Surprise yourself. Buy something very feminine just for yourself


Reconnect with Your Partner.

Name 3 things you can do to connect with your partner that brings you closer.

For example:

1. Make love spontaneously, just for fun.

2. Take a long walk together.

3. Share lunch together because your partner is working from home.

Connect with Your Baby.
Name 3 things you can do to connect with your baby.

For example:

1. Talk to your baby. Tell them a wonderful story.

2. Write a letter to your baby.

3. Tell your baby about the fun things you’re going to do when you’re together.

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Your Baby is waiting. Your baby is waiting for you to prepare your body and mind so you can welcome her or him home. There is hope and there is help. This is the time. Don’t do the journey all alone.

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Reach out to me and let me help you in any way I can.



Saskia Röell

Saskia Röell is a happy mother of five, world-renowned Fertility Coach, International Speaker, and Bestselling Author. For over 20 years, she has helped women from all over the world, solve unexplained infertility, and get pregnant. Her clients are from all walks of life, from Oprah Winfrey's staff members to stay at home moms.

Saskia specializes in body & mind techniques, which help increase the effectiveness of fertility treatments. She has extensively studied how unhealed emotional trauma affects a woman's ability to conceive and birth her baby.

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