About us

Pearl is based on a simple philosophy: every woman is different, why wouldn’t her fertility be? This is why we offer individualized fertility tracking for women who want to get in touch with their cycle and bodies more or who are trying to conceive. Because we also value transparency, we create products and share information born from a process of intensive research. This means as a consumer, you can trust that you and your fertility tracking journey are in good hands!

When we first started our journey at Pearl, we were shocked at the lack of available information and efficient resources available for women who want to track and learn about their cycle. Between products that didn’t offer individualization, and information based on a lack of sufficient research, we knew it was time for a change. In order to provide the best product and information, it was essential to recognize two things:

Each woman’s hormonal state is unique.

And, hormones are the most reliable indicator of fertility and ovulation.

This information, combined with our founders scientific background, led to the development of Pearl. We combined biochemical and scientific knowledge, with the development of an intelligent algorithm, to change the way ovulation is predicted, and therefore the way women can accurately predict their fertility. At Pearl, we enable women to precisely track their hormonal levels. Pearl’s algorithm then uses this data to provide accurate predictions of their fertile days.

Once the word got out, the demand quickly became overwhelming! This was proof of concept: there was a great need for this product for women trying to conceive.

Our growth has changed, but our mission hasn’t: for Pearl to empower all women with knowledge about their fertility.

What makes us unique?


Easy to use



One of a kind

With Pearl, one quick daily measurement is all you need! Once the algorithm learns from your measurements, it then accurately predicts your fertile window. Without needing to carry it with you, or wear any devices. Finally, fertility at your fingertips. Literally.

Who we are

The Science Behind Pearl is brought to you by Colorimetrix Inc. At Colorimetrix, we are a team of multidisciplinary experts in computer, optical and biochemical science, as well as data analysis, software architecture, and education.We combine all our skills and backgrounds to bring you the science behind Pearl, and create a unique, easy fertility journey for every woman.

Visit us! www.colorimetrix.com.